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Golf is a sport that can be learned and perfected at any age and at any level. The Five Nations Golf Club has its own academy. It offers lessons supervised by professional players recognised by the PGA of Belgium (PGA of Europe) for teaching and training. We offer a range of courses to suit all requirements.

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Cours de golf

Golf lessons

From half an hour. Our one-to-one lessons are given by professional players who are graduates of the PGA of Belgium (PGA of Europe).

Cours collectifs

Groups / Companies

Introductory sessions can be organised for groups of 5 or more for half a day or a whole day. Lunch can be booked in advance.

Cours juniors


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Access to the 18-hole courses is authorised to players with the Brevet d'aptitude. To obtain this certificate, a certain level of play is required. It is acquired through the Academy's courses and the coaching of its professional players.


Kylian Spelkens

Kylian fell in love with golf as soon as he hit the little white ball for the first time. He soon discovered that his real passion is passing on the techniques that lead to the joy of playing and challenging each other on the course.

Golf is a sport that requires excellent hand-eye coordination, and the best way to achieve this is to learn with the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Whether you're new to the sport or want to improve your skills, Kylian is an instructor who will be with you on the driving range as well as on the course. He enjoys working with all ages and abilities, creating game improvement plans to suit your needs.

Together you will quickly see your progress, and all playing situations will smile upon you.     


+32 (0) 497 80 30 82


⁃    Graduated of the PGA of Belgium     

⁃    Player on TourProfessionnel in Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg and Netherlands    

⁃    myTPI Certified (Titleist Performance Institute)
      Level 2, Swing techniques
      Level 2, Juniors     

⁃    Golf Psychology Coaching Certificate     

⁃    BioSwing Dynamics Smart2Move Certified     

⁃    FlightScope Professional Certification


Our PGA-certified pros

What is the PGA?


The PGA or Professional Golfer's Association is the organisation that represents professional golfers.

Its missions are:

to promote and communicate the game of golf
Protect the professional interests of its members
Organise meetings and tournaments
Develop a state of mind for its members and future members
Creating funds for its members
Supporting the employment of its members through the training of PGA Professionals.
In Belgium, the PGA has existed since the 1920s. It is part of the PGA of Europe.

The professional players who supervise the academy are trained to teach and train by the PGA of Belgium.